"Helping to rebuild the lives of our children."
About Us


A New Beginning FFA was established to provide comprehensive services to dependent children of the Juvenile Court placed into Foster Care. This program focuses on "helping to rebuild the lives our children" in the community. A New Beginning FFA will provide the care, supervision, and ensure the well being of the foster children. A New Beginning FFA also provides the necessary needs and services that are individualized to meet the needs of each foster child placed with this agency.

A New Beginning FFA works with the issues of the foster children and utilizes an Individualized Treatment Plan according to the foster child's educational, emotional and physical needs ensuring the child's correct placement into the agency. It is hoped that these services will afford these children with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding. In order to accomplish this task, the Agency will insure that in addition to the other services provided to those children in placement, that all children placed receive on-going training. Some methods utilized to accomplish the Agency's purpose include:

  • Trained Foster Agency personnel
  • Supervision of all placed children
  • Medical staff will be made available as needed
  • The utilization of community resources to further support and enhance the learning provided to those placed.

In order to ensure the proper care of all foster children A New Beginning FFA's foster children will receive Tutoring, Anger Management Classes, Teen Parenting Classes, Therapeutic Services, Medical and Dental Services as needed. Services are provided by the Agency Staff and/or outsourcing to the Community.