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Certified Foster Parent



Anyone ages 18 and over may apply for Certification as a Foster Parent with A New Beginning Foster Family Agency regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, handicap, marital status or sexual orientation.

Step 1: Orientation/Training

 Prospective Foster Parents are invited to attend the Orientation/Training held in the City that the parent lives in. At the Orientation meeting, the parent will be informed about Foster Parenting, the requirements of Foster Parents, and have any questions answered at that time.

The Certification Training provides prospective applicants with an introduction into understanding the types of children placed, their expected behaviors, and the duties for which foster parents are held accountable. This training also provides prospective applicants with an understanding of A New Beginning Foster Family Agency’s Policies and Procedures, Community Care Licensing policies under Title 22 Regulations. Upon the completion of the training classes, the Prospective Foster Parent will be certified and equipped to handle challenges that may occur with the foster children that will be placed in their home.

Step 2: Application Materials

During the course of the Prospective Parent Training class, applicants will be provided with all of the application materials needed to become Certified as a Foster Parent. All applicants will be required to submit the application packet. As the application materials are completed, it is recommended that applicants begin turning in the paperwork so that Agency personnel can begin to track and assist the applicant in completing these documents.

Step 3: Home Inspection

The Home Inspection consists of a visit by an Agency Social Worker to the home of the Prospective Foster Family. This inspection will only be arranged after all of the paperwork had been turned in and reviewed by the Prospective Foster Parent Coordinator, and found to be complete. Should it be determined that the prospective applicant’s home does not meet Compliance Regulations at the time of the inspection, a follow-up date will be set so as to allow the prospective applicant time to correct any deficiencies found.
Step 4: Home Study Completion and Certification

Once all of the above steps are completed, an assigned Agency Social Worker will meet with the Prospective Foster Parent and all other household members to conduct a final Home Study. The Home Study is an interview in which specific questions will be asked and an assessment made of the prospective applicant. When the Home Study is completed and approved, the Prospective Foster Parent will then receive a Certificate of Approval which will state the capacity, gender and age range of the foster children requested by the applicant to be placed n the home.

What Happens Next?
Once the home has been Certified, the Certified Foster Parent will then be eligible to receive foster children in the home. Once a foster child has been identified as being appropriate for placement in the Agency, the Intake Department will contact the Certified Foster Parent to provide the Certified Foster Parent with as much known information regarding the foster child. Once an agreement is reached between the Certified Foster Parent and the Intake Department, the Central Placement Unit will be contacted again to make arrangements to place the foster child in the home, if the Central Placement Unit has not already utilized another placement option.

It is important that the Agency has immediate means of contacting the Certified Foster Parent as placement calls may come in any time of the day or night. All Certified Foster Parents of A New Beginning Foster Family Agency are mandated to be Re-Certified each year. Certified Foster Parents can gain the required 12 hours per year to be Re-Certified by attending the monthly Foster Parent Association classes given by the Agency.