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A New Beginning Foster Family Agency is a 501C3 Non-Profit California Corporation that was established five years ago. The Agency serves the needs of abused and neglected children that are adjudicated as Dependents of the Juvenile Court from San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Foster children of all ages from ages from birth to twenty-one. The Agency's specialty is the focus on teens including the following: Child Abuse (Physical, Sexual and Emotional), Neglect, Abandonment, or come from families where Substance Abuse and incarceration is commonplace.


The Agency would like to request your help for our foster children by asking you and/or your company to give a donation. Your contribution of just $5, $10, $20 or more will help foster children. Donations of clothing, baby items, educational toys, electronic games, books, school supplies, gift certificates, computers, financial donations, etc., are also welcomed. All donations made to the Agency on behalf of the foster children are Tax Deductible and the Agency provides you and/or your company with an official receipt letter. The Agency will list the names of everyone who donated in the Annual Christmas Party’s Program Guide.

The Agency’s focus is teenagers and teenage mothers/fathers. The Agency focuses on teenagers because most teenagers in Foster Care are not reunified with their families due to their families not completing their court ordered Treatment Plan. At times, extended family members are able to have the foster children placed with them, but some foster children cannot be placed with extended family members due to the extended family members either not being able to pass the required background check or they don’t have the financial means to care for the foster children. As a result, many foster children end up remaining in the Agency until they are eighteen or nineteen years-old (foster children who have not finished high school can remain in Foster Care until they are nineteen years-old).


Initially, when children are placed into Foster Care, it is under a case plan of Reunification and their families have approximately a year and a half to complete their court ordered Treatment Plan. The Agency provides trained supervised visitation monitors for court ordered visits at the Agency, Children and Family Services, at a park or a restaurant. During the Reunification process, if the families do not complete their court ordered Treatment Plan within the time limit, the case plan may be changed either to Legal Guardianship, Adoption or Non Relative Placement. All Certified Foster Parents in the Agency are given the first choice of having the foster children permanently remain in their home under one of these case plans when this occurs. Over the past five years, several of the Certified Foster Parents in the Agency have become Legal Guardians, Adoptive Parents and Non Relative Placement Parents over the past four years and have provided nurturing and caring homes for many foster children of all ages, especially teenagers.

The Agency is committed toward providing the necessary services and activities needed for the foster children in placement. The services provided include Tutoring, College Preparation, Independent Living Program, Process Groups, Anger Management Classes, Teen Parenting Classes, Substance Abuse Classes, Therapy and Crisis Intervention. The Agency provides clothing for all foster children placed; as most often; the foster children are placed with only the clothing they are wearing at the time. The Agency provides transportation to and from court hearings and visits. The Agency gives $200 to foster children who graduate from High School and help with submitting paperwork for college grants and scholarships. There have been several foster children who went on to college and vocational schools, as well as securing jobs in the community. The Agency also provides an Annual Summer activity, with the input of the foster children (where they want to go and what they would like to do), an Annual Thanksgiving Dinner in which the foster children and their biological parents have a formal dinner and celebrate and an Annual Christmas party in which, the foster children dress in formal wear and invite their families to sit down dinner, so that they can celebrate Christmas with them and the Agency provides all of the food, music and gifts. The services provided are educational and recreational, so that all foster children can be taught appropriate social and coping skills necessary to lead normal healthy lives, even though they are removed from their families and placed into Foster Care.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the numbers listed above or on my cell phone: 760-508-3629. Thank you for your time, consideration and support.


Suzette Mohammed, Psy.D.
Administrator/Executive Director     

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