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Our History

A New Beginning Foster Family Agency was established in February 2005 and provides services for foster children from birth to 21 years of age. A New Beginning Foster Family Agency's program mission statement is "Helping To Rebuilding The Lives Of Our Children". All of the children placed in the Agency are adjudicated as dependents of the court under Welfare and Institution Code (WIC) 300, subsections a-j. Foster children who are placed with A New Beginning Foster Family Agency come with some type of abusive background such as: physical, sexual, emotional, neglect and/or abandonment. The Agency also specializes in helping teens and teens who have babies in the Foster Care System. 

About Us


Helping to Rebuild the Lives of Our Children

A New Beginning Foster Family Agency was established to provide comprehensive services to Dependent children of the Juvenile Court placed into foster care. A New Beginning Foster Family Agency provides the care, supervision, and ensures the overall well-being of the foster children they serve. A New Beginning Foster Family Agency also provides the necessary needs and services that are individualized for each foster child  placed with the Agency.

A New Beginning Foster Family Agency works with the issues of the foster children and utilizes an Individualized Treatment Plan according to the foster child's educational, emotional and physical needs ensuring the child's placement is successful. It is hoped that these services will afford these foster children with stability and growth. In order to accomplish this task, the Agency offers additional services such as:

  • Highly trained Agency Social Workers and Personnel 
  • Agency Social Workers oversees the Resource Family homes and monitors all supervised visitation with biological family members 
  • Medical, Dental, and Therapeutic needs are outsourced to professional providers in the Community
  • The Agency  utilization other community resources such as: Parks and Recreational Centers, After School Programs, and Sports Clubs

In order to ensure the proper care of all Foster Children, A New Beginning Foster Family Agency’s Dependents receive Tutoring, Anger Management Classes, Teen Parenting Classes, Therapeutic Services and Medical and Dental Services as needed.